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​About Us

  • Import / Export Consulting

  • Import / Export Business Financing 

  • Used Vehicles Import / Export

  • Consulting Service to Study Abroad

  • International Logistics Consulting

Enharmonic Business Solutions LLC provides the best solutions to small-mid businesses, a department in large enterprises.   We first listen to what you need or want to be done, then we analyze how to achieve the client's goals and we support you as a member of your team.

We incorporated in Japan in June 2022 as Enharmonic Global Consulting G.K. to serve international buyers who show genuine interest in Japanese markets.


We utilize the Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI) to provide better, solid finances to international clients.  This insurance is 100% funded by the Government of Japan.    You can be confident that the support from the government here from the country of 'Rising Sun' will surely bring your business to maximum growth.

We closely work with the NEXI to provide the maximum financial stabilities to your international or local business.   Angel Investors are hard to find?   Does local financial Institutions hesitate to support you as your project is international?   Let us help you and let's grow together!!

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